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As a center for life counselling, we offer support for every woman. We provide counselling on various topics ranging from everyday problems to life crises and general life issues.

Our counselling is confidential and free of charge.
Appointments are possible in the morning and afternoon and can be arranged at short notice.

This service is directed to all women and girls, regardless of:

  • ethnic origin
  • financial situation
  • sexual orientation
  • biological sex
  • religion

We work in a multi-professional team and are committed to improving the quality of life for women. We advocate for their private, professional and social equality. We contribute our professional experience and expertise to municipal and district-wide expert committees to improve the situation of women in the Rhein-Erft-Kreis.
The aim of our work is to support women individually, to use their own strengths and to develop solutions.

The principles of our counselling are voluntariness, partisanship and appreciation.

The service is aimed at women and girls, from the age of 14, and includes personal and telephone counselling sessions.

We also offer theme evenings, group offerings and one-day seminars as part of our program of events.

Counselling topics

  • Life crises
  • Relationship conflicts
  • Separation and divorce
  • Conflicts in the family
  • Violence against women
    • Domestic abuse/abusive relationships
    • Sexual abuse
    • Stalking
    • Past sexual abuse in childhood and adolescence
    • Digital violence
  • Psychological stresses such as depression and anxiety
  • Eating disorders and problematic eating behavior
  • Planning for the future and life
  • Existential questions
  • Experiences of exclusion and discrimination, such as racism or ageism
  • Problems at work or school
  • Bullying

Frauen helfen Frauen im Rhein-Erft-Kreis e.V. is a free and independent association. It is recognized as a non-profit and charitable organization.


Öffnungszeiten und Terminabsprache:

0 22 73 – 98 15 11
Mo. – Do. 8:30 – 14:30
Fr. 8:30 – 13:30